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If They Don’t Call, They Don’t Call

Unless you’re George Clooney, dealing with women means dealing with flaking on dates and unreturned calls/texts. An ongoing debate I have with myself and in comments sections of a couple blogs has been whether or not to re-initiate after falling out of touch with a girl after a flake.

Previously I’ve held the belief that since you’re not banging her anyway, you have nothing to lose. While watching Suits on USA I had a moment of clarity. The two main characters are discussing whether or not they should attempt to contact an angry client so they can make nice and resume negotiations. The junior lawyer is afraid that the client will take their business elsewhere. The senior partner says the following (IIRC):

If they don’t call, they don’t call. But, if you call, they’ll never respect you and you’ll never get what you want anyway.

Let’s throw out some odds for the sake of  pseudo science.

Odds of a girl texting you after a flake: 1 in 10
Odds of that being genuine interest and not just a ping: 1 in 5
Odds of getting an established flake out of the house: 1 in 25
Aggregate odds of closing: 1 in 1250

Odds of a girl wanting a guy who texts her after she blatantly flakes on him: 1 in 10,000

I made those numbers up. But, they’re based on my experience.
This only applies to flakes. For example if your girl has a job where she’s on call (which is almost no women anywhere) or has another legit excuse, she may be hoping you give her a second chance.

The point is you’re better off keeping it moving than rewarding a girls disrespectful behavior with more attention. Your average girl is either to insecure to actually go on a date and/or has more dating options than she can handle. This is partly why the average girl flakes so often. The average guy wasn’t raised a princess and was taught that you keep your word. Additionally he doesn’t have as many dating options. That is partly why your average man tends not to flake.

The good news is, if you’re reading about game, you’re not the average man. And if you’ve got a little game you know that women don’t experience obligations like men so you don’t take it personally when she does flake. You also know that women want the highest caliber of man they can get. So, while sex is typically a buyers market for women, a small minority of men enjoy the setup. You being the international playboy you are, means you are in that minority. So act accordingly.



Pussy Pass Pt 2

The above video shows a Vermont woman sneaking up behind a cop and cutting his throat. Luckily she just missed the jugular vein. By the time backup arrives, the officer has her pinned against some furniture and disarmed.
Cops say she was being interviewed after being caught using stolen credit cards with her husband when she attacked the officer. She claims she thought she heard her husband hanging himself in the next cell and was just trying to get the officer’s keys so she could help her husband. Apparently, pulling a knife is more likely to get help than saying “hey I think he’s hanging himself”.
She was acquitted of both attempted murder and aggravated assault. Whole thing caught on video. And she walks.

Had this been a man he likely would have been shackled the entire time.
Had this been a man, the knife would have been found during a thorough search.
Had this been a man he would have been shot during the struggle.
Had this been a man , he would have been found guilty.

Had a man attacked a female officer he would have been shot.
Had a man attacked a female officer he would have been found guilty.
Had a man attacked a female officer, the media would have asked why the officer was alone.
Had a man attacked a female officer, there would have been a dead prisoner and a dead cop.

If you are a woman, laws against assault and murder don’t apply to you.
If you are a man, laws against assault and murder don’t protect you. If you’re a male cop in vermont, act accordingly.


Naked and Afraid

I occasionally hear that women are just as strong as men, and their place isn’t at home blah blah blah. This show places a man and woman in a survival situations with no modern technology and blows all of that rubbish out of the water. When placing a man and woman in a forest with no assistance, I figured results would be pretty predictable. They were. The man in every couple tends to be motivator, provider, decision maker and protector. Generally the woman either assists the man or nags

There was one episode where the man got sunburned pretty bad and got dysentarry and was out of the game for the duration. Very little compassion from the female. Nag nag nag. I can only imagine what she would have said to him had cameras not been around. This was the one show of the eight I’ve seen where the man didn’t pull his and her weight.

Another episode places a female personal trainer and male firefighter in the wilderness. Both are supposedly well versed in survival skills. For all her expertise, a steady rain causes the female to curl into a ball and cry. The male has to stop getting shit done and coddle her so he can get her back in the game. With no sources of food or shelter. The woman’s brain told her to conserve her energy. And that strategy makes sense. Because had she never worked after that, her partner surely would have shared his food with her. That sort of thing happens through out the season. Men and women are different. But, you already knew that.

Watch the show. Its a good survival show. Its a good gender dynamics watch. And they’re naked.

Tichina Loses

I was looking through Google News when I saw this on the Huffington Post:

Tichina Arnold Blasts French Montana For Instagram Post

For those of you who don’t know, Tichina Arnold played ‘Pam’ in the popular nineties sitcom Martin. SInce then, she has had moderately successful career consisting of guest roles and a few sitcoms. French Montana is a rapper who has also achieved success (read RIAA Certified Platinum) during his career.
The two ended up in The Huffington Post because Montana retweeted a picture of TIchina Arnold looking every bit of her 44 years with the caption “I wish Martin could see this right now. He would tear her ass up”. Arnold responds with a lengthy letter where she pretends not to know who Montana is, and questions his contributions to society.
Her supposed coup de grace occurs when she mentions her not for profit, the We Win Foundation, as an example of some of the value she brings to society while Montana brings nothing.

Arnold wrote the following in her letter

I have CONTRIBUTED something of VALUE on television to many people (including yourself) and many generations and hopefully more to come.

Arnold’s most well known and successful work was on Martin and Everybody Hate Chris. Two shows created and headlined by someone who isn’t Tichina Arnold. She’s a professional coat tail rider. Those shows would have been successful with or without her. I know this is true because since parting ways with Arnold, both Martin Lawrnece and Chris Rock continue to be wildly successful, while Arnold has not.
She goes on to parade her 501c3 as evidence she is some sort of asset to society. I couldn’t find a Form 990 ( compulsory publicly available financial report) for the company. This would suggest that the firm has income of less that $25,000 and not be required to file a 990. Forbes reported in addition to his holdings and record sales, Montana makes $30,000 a show. Assuming he pays taxes with some of all that money, I think a little math might show who actually contributes more to society. Nice try Tichina.
Arnold is on her way to irrelevance. While Montana is in his Prime. I can understand how Arnold would be deeply upset when she felt Montana had attacked her primary asset as an actress. That is to say he attacked her looks. It might become even more painful when she looks in the mirror and realizes her best days are behind her. The Wall spares no woman.

Tinder Best Practices

For those of you unfamiliar with Tinder, download the app, play around with it for a couple minutes and come back.

I’ve had Tinder for two weeks and gotten two bangs. I got few responses the first few days, I then tweaked my profile and had a pretty good week. I liked almost every profile I saw and opened all the conversations with “ay”. Those that responded I basically asked a question about one of their pictures, made fun of them, they loled, and i follow up with “lets link up, whats ur cell”. After that I run normal first date game. My approximate stats are as follows:

Profiles viewed: 1000
Profiles liked: 950
Matches: 12
Responses: 4
Dates: 2
Bangs: 2
Money Spent per Date: $20 USD

Although my data is limited I’m going to make some recommendations for maximizing your time on Tinder.

Your pictures:  You should look confidant and in control in your main picture. No smiling. I had the slightest hint of a smirk for mine. Pictures that show you’re cool and interesting but not a try hard.
Your bio: Keep it short. Two sentences max.
Swipe Right: Like every profile. Most girls you like, won’t like you back. Better to not follow up with 6 uglies that got into your matches than to examine thousands of profiles of girls who won’t end up matched to you.

Text Game vs Tinder Game
In some ways texting the girl you met from last night and Tinder matching are very similar. Tender does have some benefits that texting doesn’t. On Tender, by virtue of you being matched she’s admitted she’s at least interested if not down right attracted to you. Tinder tells you if you have mutual friends on facebook. This is good because if you have no mutual friends she’s less worried about her reputation. Brevity is King. TInder accommodates this with a few pictures and a short bio. Every tinder interaction you have is yours to fuck up. Bad things about Tinder…Obviously, those that don’t respond are just on tinder for ego stroking. Those that do respond are either the delta force of attention whoring or are legitimately wanting the pumpington from an alpha such as yourself.

The strategy that got me the bangs was
have her qualify herself to me
be funny
build comfort
get her number
contact her 24 hrs after I said I would
set up date
reinforce that I’m the man she wants me to be
build comfort
bounce her to venue two
keep the mood light and fun.
bounce her to “smook hookah” at my place
Act Natural
Like everything PUA related, you shouldn’t walk away from this with a script. Its just a framework that worked for me. Work out your own suited to how you prefer to run game and what works best for you. What’s key to takeaway is that you should act natural. Girls are on Tinder for hookups. Just because they want to act like hoes doesn’t mean they want to feel like hoes. You have to lead her in the seduction in such a way that she feels that its natural to meet up with a guy from Tinder (hamster say well it IS a public place. Its natural to go with him to a second bar, (hamster say he’s been cool so far). Its natural to go to his house (Hamster say I do love hookah). Finally, don’t spend money on Tinder dates if you don’t want to. One girl asked me if we were going to dinner or a movie. I ignored the question and I met her at a bar next door to a movie theatre. At the bar she suggested a movie we could see. I calmly told her that I appreciate her suggestions but I would handle all the decisions. Women admire leadership. I didn’t mind spending a couple bucks on domestic beers, but meeting her in the park and getting two dollar ice cream cones is probably just as viable. Check @tinderfessions to see what you’re dealing with and wrap it up!

“I want you to want me”

We already know that women love attention. They love attention so much that they will accept romantic attention even if they have no romantic intentions. But, you already knew that. There is another, less discussed reason women love attention.

Your Attention is Social Currency

When you text a girl, take her on a date, attempt to day game her etc, no matter what happens, she walks away from the interaction with something of value. She can now go back to her friends and say “omg Jason just texted me, what should i say?” This is valuable because all women hate their friends and this is a backhanded way of saying “Jason is giving me attention cuz im hawt, not you.” Additionally, women know that part of their value rests in how many and what quality of suitors they can attract. Giving a girl attention increases her value. A woman who gets no attention is of low value (read: fat).

This is a universal among women. You can even apply it to the “street harassment” nonsense some women talk about. They don’t campaign against “street harassment” because this terrible thing that exists (it doesn’t). They campaign against it because its a back handed way of saying “i’m so attractive I get sexual attention from strangers”.

You are literally giving a woman a gift just by speaking to them. Act accordingly.

Pussy Pass

The above video is found around the web and is usually titled something like “Cop punches girl in the face for jaywalking”. Sounds terrible. An innocent women violently attacked for a victimless crime . The actual title should be “girl tries to help friend escape from police, gets what she had coming”

The video starts shortly before the punch so we don’t  see what leads up to it. Based on the actions of all involved in the video, and using that to extrapolate what they probably would do, this is going to be my best guess of what really happened.
Girl Jaywalks
Either the cop is being a jerk and writing her a ticket for jaywalking, or the girl is a jerk and jaywalked in a way that endangered someone. Doesn’t matter since jaywalking is in fact a crime and the cop is within his rights to write her.
Girl and friend attempt to walk away
Girl gets arrested for trying to flee
Friend tries to stop arrest
Cops responds with proportional and reasonable force

I’d never advocate violence. Nor would I advocate interfering with the police. If you do either you get what you get. In this case, she got what she deserved.