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Unreactive Alpha

Why would women evolve to love men who have supreme control of their emotional states? What value could a man who isn’t filled with fear in a dangerous world have?

My theory is that a mate who is man enough to not be scared off by a bitch shield is more likely to not be scared off when the next tribe over does their Friday night pillage thing.

Scientists of the Apollo Program have obtained footage of a stone cold bad ass. Somewhere in Ukraine, an artillery strike hits feet away, chaos erupts. Soldiers and press run for cover. Not Commander Givi. He takes a short drag from his cigarette. Then he picks up a piece of shrapnel, still hot. Givi ran out of fucks to give long ago. This is the stuff female orgasms are made of.


4 Thoughts on Game and Black Girls

To me, black girls are sexy. As fuck. I haven’t seen a ton of literature on black girls in the ‘sphere so I want to throw out some of my observations.

1. Blacks are the Canaries in the Coal Mine
Everything that’s wrong with the average western woman, when dealing with black women you are dealing with that times ten. Just as we saw single motherhood, unemployment, and crime skyrocket in the black community before it spread to society at large; we see carousal riding, contempt towards men, and flakiness at astonishing rate among black women. Its so bad that many good (read: gainfully employed) black men decide to only date outside their race. These men are highly sought after by black women, so its not like they don’t have that as an option. They are simply deciding that a black woman is not worth the drama. These men are branded as race traitors or on the “down low”. In reality those men that opt out are simply capable of risk/reward analysis. If, like me, despite the shortcomings you can’t resist the lure of gold in those mahogany hills, read on.

2. Drama That You Can’t Be Prepared For
Your typical western female thinks of herself as a princess, each day an episode of a soap opera. You are merely a player in the grand epic that is her life. Now, make that a western female who is hot, and the requirement of drama and turmoil is exponentially increased. Now, make that a BLACK western female who is hot, and you have all the ingredients necessary to get yourself shot over some bullshit. Never under estimate the amount of bipolar a black female will throw your way. Most black women are raised by their mothers. A woman who chooses single motherhood clearly makes poor decisions and research overwhelmingly shows they make bad parents. Often black women never know what it is and how to have a healthy relationship with a man. This causes all sorts of trouble for both sexes, but if you are a moderately attractive girl, you never have to pay the piper and that means you never have to learn a better way.
One key way gaming black girls is different is their shit tests. Of course all races of girls give shit tests. When talking about a black girl, its more likely than it is with other races that her shit test is of the ‘You Shall Not Pass’ variety. That is to say she is not giving you a fitness test, she is just starting drama. Drama, when combined with already present social dysfunction (both American and Black American varieties) you end up with drama that can easily get you killed or locked up.

3. The Ever Present Alpha
If your sexual strategy is to be Alpha in order to access quick and easy sex, awesome. If you want to use that on black girls there are a couple things you should know. In the black community there is both a shortage and abundance of black men. The shortage comes from the fact that more black women than black men go to college. Additionally, way more black men have criminal records which cause problems when looking for a job. Under these conditions black women have a much easier time of achieving economic success than black men. This gap creates a situation where, due to hypergamy, most black men are invisible to black women. Your typical black woman wants a man with a better job title and more money than her. Mathematically, its impossible for every professional black woman to get a professional black man. This leads to interracial dating as well as the few black men who meet the criteria becoming tang lottery winners. Those few lottery winners naturally adopt an attitude of pussy abundance. That attitude of abundance gives them an alpha attitude they otherwise wouldn’t have. In addition to this we must recognize the availability and acceptance of thugs and athletes as attractive mates. This means when attempting to date a black girl you are competing with a larger than normal percentage of alphas.

4. Independent Baby Mamas
The reality is these chicks have kids. Not all. But enough women have kids before 24 to make it an issue. For many guys this is a deal breaker. For some men, a woman with kids is only good for a pump and dump. Whatever your feelings on the matter, a woman with kids presents a unique set of problems. Dating women with kids is an issue addressed quite thoroughly around the web. If you want to date black women, I’d suggest you read up on it because you are going to encounter this a lot.
These woman with kids are lauded as heroes. They of course are the driving forces of societal collapse but whatever. They fancy themselves as independent despite the array of provisioning mechanisms provided by the state that enables them to live their every day lives. This attitude is a real issue for those wanting to ride the dark horse. The question the black woman will ask of you is “what can you do for me?” In terms of provisioning, the answer is nothing. Beta Provider game is dead in general but especially dead for black women, You will get no points for being stable and generous with black women. They see it for what is is, simping. You may get credit for it after they hit the wall. The problem with that is, black women age really well. Often times the black woman won’t hit the wall in a catastrophic way until her forties. By that time they are damaged goods and spoiled milk.

I plan on writing more about black women. They are my kryptonite. I really do love them. Not their personalities. Not as people. Other than that it’s all love.