Tinder Best Practices

For those of you unfamiliar with Tinder, download the app, play around with it for a couple minutes and come back.

I’ve had Tinder for two weeks and gotten two bangs. I got few responses the first few days, I then tweaked my profile and had a pretty good week. I liked almost every profile I saw and opened all the conversations with “ay”. Those that responded I basically asked a question about one of their pictures, made fun of them, they loled, and i follow up with “lets link up, whats ur cell”. After that I run normal first date game. My approximate stats are as follows:

Profiles viewed: 1000
Profiles liked: 950
Matches: 12
Responses: 4
Dates: 2
Bangs: 2
Money Spent per Date: $20 USD

Although my data is limited I’m going to make some recommendations for maximizing your time on Tinder.

Your pictures:  You should look confidant and in control in your main picture. No smiling. I had the slightest hint of a smirk for mine. Pictures that show you’re cool and interesting but not a try hard.
Your bio: Keep it short. Two sentences max.
Swipe Right: Like every profile. Most girls you like, won’t like you back. Better to not follow up with 6 uglies that got into your matches than to examine thousands of profiles of girls who won’t end up matched to you.

Text Game vs Tinder Game
In some ways texting the girl you met from last night and Tinder matching are very similar. Tender does have some benefits that texting doesn’t. On Tender, by virtue of you being matched she’s admitted she’s at least interested if not down right attracted to you. Tinder tells you if you have mutual friends on facebook. This is good because if you have no mutual friends she’s less worried about her reputation. Brevity is King. TInder accommodates this with a few pictures and a short bio. Every tinder interaction you have is yours to fuck up. Bad things about Tinder…Obviously, those that don’t respond are just on tinder for ego stroking. Those that do respond are either the delta force of attention whoring or are legitimately wanting the pumpington from an alpha such as yourself.

The strategy that got me the bangs was
have her qualify herself to me
be funny
build comfort
get her number
contact her 24 hrs after I said I would
set up date
reinforce that I’m the man she wants me to be
build comfort
bounce her to venue two
keep the mood light and fun.
bounce her to “smook hookah” at my place
Act Natural
Like everything PUA related, you shouldn’t walk away from this with a script. Its just a framework that worked for me. Work out your own suited to how you prefer to run game and what works best for you. What’s key to takeaway is that you should act natural. Girls are on Tinder for hookups. Just because they want to act like hoes doesn’t mean they want to feel like hoes. You have to lead her in the seduction in such a way that she feels that its natural to meet up with a guy from Tinder (hamster say well it IS a public place. Its natural to go with him to a second bar, (hamster say he’s been cool so far). Its natural to go to his house (Hamster say I do love hookah). Finally, don’t spend money on Tinder dates if you don’t want to. One girl asked me if we were going to dinner or a movie. I ignored the question and I met her at a bar next door to a movie theatre. At the bar she suggested a movie we could see. I calmly told her that I appreciate her suggestions but I would handle all the decisions. Women admire leadership. I didn’t mind spending a couple bucks on domestic beers, but meeting her in the park and getting two dollar ice cream cones is probably just as viable. Check @tinderfessions to see what you’re dealing with and wrap it up!

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