More TInder Games

My first post about tinder was during the honeymoon phase. I had just gotten into the tinder game. Its hard not to fall in love with an app that delivers tang to your front door. Now that the afterglow has worn off I wanted to get into some of the nuts and bolts of tinder.

When a female friend of mine told me she had 700 matches in a few days I didn’t believe her. She sent me a screen shot. Here it is:

There are two things going on here.
The first phenomenon I call the trophy room. That is girls collecting matches. I’ve noticed even when I’ve completely been blown out, girls won’t unmatch me. To a woman there is immense value in being able to look at all those guys that want them and feed their ego. The potentially frustrating thing about this is many of these girls are on tinder just for the attention and validation. Just as on other dating sites you have to sift through the bullshitters.
The second thing that’s happening is getting lost in the pile. If you look at the above picture, you’ll notice there is only enough space for four guys to each contribute a single line of text. You’ve got only a few words to make a splash before the next matches/messages come push you down out of sight. Women are swimming in matches. They tend to be more selective regarding who they swipe right on because they know there is a pretty good chance they guy already swiped right on them.

What to Apply to Tinder Game
Our looks got us past the swipe left or right checkpoint. Now we have one line of text to get passed the ‘don’t be a boring beta’ checkpoint. Compliments and ‘hi how are you’ will make you into another trophy for her ego stroking. You’ve got to stand out. Be bold. Be aggressive. Be anything that’s not boring.
Also, remember that on Tinder you need to get to a hook point (ie when she decides she likes you) faster. Every message she responds to puts you back at the top of the list. But, as soon as you are there you are immediately being pushed back down into oblivion. You want her to be invested and interested enough to scroll down a little bit to find your thread. Don’t rush it but remember the immediate goal is to get her phone number. Once you’ve got that, you move out of the tinder rat race and more of a normal  game situation.

Sealing the Deal
Once you get the number the sky’s the limit. The caveat is you must play things by ear. Tinder has a reputation as being a hook up app. And it certainly can lead you to some quick slot C. What that doesn’t mean is every girl on TInder will be down for that. Some chicks are fine to not really talk much, nail down some basic logistics, and let you do anal within a few hours of matching. Other girls won’t even meet up for a drink until you’ve spent a week texting and building attraction.
Even if you aren’t able to immediately get bangs or dates from tinder I think its great tool to just practice text game. Sometimes, I’ll get on tinder just to see how ridiculous I can be while still carrying on the conversation.

Either way, have fun, wrap it up, and pull out anyway.

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