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Child Support is Too Damn High

The concept of minimum wage speaks to society deciding that a person needs X amount of dollars to sustain themselves. In my state its 8 USD an hour. Multiply that by 40 hours a week and 50 weeks a year we come to $16,000 a year. Not a ton of money. I lived on an $8/hr wage for about a year and a half. I lived in a small apartment in a bad neighborhood. I didn’t have much discretionary income. I had to learn how to cook. While I wasn’t able to live the life of an international playboy, my needs were met.

Why is it that if I’m a single person its fine for me to work my ass off and get 16k? But, if I’m a single parent and my babymama/daddy makes 100k its a major problem for me to get less than thousands of dollars a month while having no job. And by major problem I mean if I don’t get that money, someone is getting locked the hell up.

I used Washington State’s Quick Child Support Estimator to get these figures for a single parent with no income, two middle schoolers, and a spouse that makes minimum wage  and a spouse that makes 100k a year. Continue reading


Accustomed to a LIfestyle

I live in a Chalimony state were getting married is a raw deal and divorce is just an ex post facto dowry system. The courts use a list of factors to determine the amount, if any, of alimony that will be paid from one spouse (read husband) to another (read unhappy wife). Here are a few of the reasons in italics and my comments on why they suck. There are a few of the criteria that makes more sense than others. But, these are the ones, out of a dozen, that I dislike the most.

The needs, obligations, and financial resources of each party

Everything is is supposed to be split in half. Although, I know more than a few men who took on all the debt just to get free of the process and on with life. But, at least in theory the resources, and obligations should be split in half. Giving both parties equal resources and burdens. Which makes them useless for comparison since they should be the same. The term ‘needs’ is a nebulous undefinable term that gives judges leeway to do what they feel like. What exactly does one need? And why exactly is an ex spouse responsible for my needs?

Standard of Living

This is usually referred to as the “responsibility” an ex spouse has to another to maintain them in the lifestyle they have been accustomed to. If a person becomes accustomed to a standard of living or lifestyle, then that person possesses the capacity to become accustomed to a new lifestyle. Or in some cases, their original lifestyle. The court does not force my last roommate to continue paying rent because I was accustomed to living in a luxury apartment. Just as a divorce ends, the roommate situation ended and my last roommate has no future responsibility…Provided we weren’t intimate. And of course I’ve become accustomed to blowj’s and vacuuming. Ofcourse, now that accustomed stuff isn’t applicable.

Decisions made during marriage regarding employment, parenting, education
opportunity, time and costs for a party to obtain new skills to earn more

What they are saying is the common refrain of being a mom requires sacrifice, and its not fair that the mother gives up their life to raise children. Basically, its all the man’s fault. Its assumed that he got over on her. Its somehow a good deal working day in and day out, and using your earnings to pay for the lives of other people. The stay at home mom somehow sacrifices something by being free from that bondage. In a house were most of the labor is mechanized, and the child care is handled from 8 to 3 (minimum) by a school. Its assumed had she not had to “sacrifice” she would have went on to high achievement in education and the work place.
A marriage is a partnership. All property is community property. Therefore if we as a couple make a decision for one of us to work and one of us to stay at home, whatever benefits and detriments we get from that decision, we own together. WE decided you should stay home because there was something WE got out of that. But, when the marriage is over the court will pretend that YOU forced her to stay home so now YOU should pay for it.

Whether age, physical or mental health of a child of the parties requires that one parent not work outside the home

Today on Pimp my Bride…Yo dawg I heard you liked paying child support. So, I ordered you to pay child support, then I took your alimony, and put more child support in it!

Duration of the Marriage

The rationale they say in public is that the longer the marriage, the more handicapped a wife is to reenter the workforce. I call bull. The courts know that the closer a woman gets to the wall, and especially when she passes it, she is more handicapped in finding another sucker to leech off of.

Each party’s contributions, monetary and non-monetary, to the well being of the family

This one will get a post of its own. I’m gonna do some math on that one and we’ll see about that.

Its strange to me that a hamster is able to produce so much horse shit. Well I’ve got to get to the patriarchy meeting. See you guys later.

Pussy Pass Pt 2

The above video shows a Vermont woman sneaking up behind a cop and cutting his throat. Luckily she just missed the jugular vein. By the time backup arrives, the officer has her pinned against some furniture and disarmed.
Cops say she was being interviewed after being caught using stolen credit cards with her husband when she attacked the officer. She claims she thought she heard her husband hanging himself in the next cell and was just trying to get the officer’s keys so she could help her husband. Apparently, pulling a knife is more likely to get help than saying “hey I think he’s hanging himself”.
She was acquitted of both attempted murder and aggravated assault. Whole thing caught on video. And she walks.

Had this been a man he likely would have been shackled the entire time.
Had this been a man, the knife would have been found during a thorough search.
Had this been a man he would have been shot during the struggle.
Had this been a man , he would have been found guilty.

Had a man attacked a female officer he would have been shot.
Had a man attacked a female officer he would have been found guilty.
Had a man attacked a female officer, the media would have asked why the officer was alone.
Had a man attacked a female officer, there would have been a dead prisoner and a dead cop.

If you are a woman, laws against assault and murder don’t apply to you.
If you are a man, laws against assault and murder don’t protect you. If you’re a male cop in vermont, act accordingly.


Pussy Pass

The above video is found around the web and is usually titled something like “Cop punches girl in the face for jaywalking”. Sounds terrible. An innocent women violently attacked for a victimless crime . The actual title should be “girl tries to help friend escape from police, gets what she had coming”

The video starts shortly before the punch so we don’t  see what leads up to it. Based on the actions of all involved in the video, and using that to extrapolate what they probably would do, this is going to be my best guess of what really happened.
Girl Jaywalks
Either the cop is being a jerk and writing her a ticket for jaywalking, or the girl is a jerk and jaywalked in a way that endangered someone. Doesn’t matter since jaywalking is in fact a crime and the cop is within his rights to write her.
Girl and friend attempt to walk away
Girl gets arrested for trying to flee
Friend tries to stop arrest
Cops responds with proportional and reasonable force

I’d never advocate violence. Nor would I advocate interfering with the police. If you do either you get what you get. In this case, she got what she deserved.

Why Game Will Never Go Mainstream

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves”

-Harriet Tubman

The above quote captures the essence of why Game and many red pill truths will never go mainstream. When I first digested the red pill I wanted to spread this great truth to as many people as possible. Although I wasn’t knocking on doors or anything I was always ready to point out what was really going on when I encountered misandry, hypergamy etc. I expected my male friends to embrace the incontrovertible  truth just as I did.
It took maybe five times for me to realize I was wasting my breath. Normally logical men, hamsters spinning at mach 3, could not accept that women will never love them the way men love women. That is, unconditionally. Nor could they accept that gaining an understanding of how certain behaviors and attributes affect women, could lead to vastly improved sex and love lives.

The second reason game will never go mainstream is a matter of sack weight. It takes a certain amount of balls to look inside yourself, identify problems, and change. Especially after a life time of being told “just be yourself”. Even if you can do that, it takes a certain amount of man to look at a hb10 and tell her she laughs like a donkey. Of course a natural alpha might do this. But, most naturals I’ve encountered wouldn’t waste time considering how they got laid. They just don’t care.

So we have eliminated the timid, the naturals, and the brainwashed. We can also take the people not smart enough, those that even game can’t help, guys not interested in women, and those that are unexposed. That leaves a small cadre of a tang technicians. Free to discuss the inner workings of vajazzy…

More for us.