Smell Like Money

The Apollo Program loves indirect game. We love it because it has a high rate of return. In the spirit of high returns I’m going to talk about smell. Leave the house smelling good and you will reap the benefits without any further action. Efficiency at its best.

Everybody brushes. Most people gargle. Most people don’t floss everyday. You must do this. Your mouth will be fresher and stay fresher longer if you floss. If you don’t believe me I challenge you to do an experiment. Brush and gargle. Your mouth feel fresh? Now floss. Tell me about that pieces of rotten food that come out. Tell me about the putrid stench that you didn’t realize was there. Its gross but now you know about it and can deal with it. This gives you the confidence you need for that up close face time you have to do.

Shave Your Ass
I closely trim my pubes and my ass and you should too. I also trim my arm pits. Not because I don’t like my manly hair. Its just easier to get clean and stay clean that way. Just try it. Enjoy putting deodorant on without having to push through a matte of hair. Enjoy significantly reduced ball funk.
I know this is a big step for some of you, but go ahead and squat over a mirror and shave your ass. Enjoy how much quicker and cleaner you can wipe your ass after a dump.
Remember, the ultimate goal is to have a girls face all over that area. Don’t give her a reason not to do it.

Cologne should be applied minimally. The Apollo Program believes no one should know you have it on unless they are hugging you. That means one spray/dab or less. If the bottle malfunctions and you get one of those “did anything come out” sprays, just assume it did for the day. Its better to have none on than too much. Never reapply cologne. A quality product will remain in full effect for half a day and linger for the rest. Get a quality cologne. Top shelf brands will cost anywhere from $50 to $300 for two ounces. Wearing it everyday it should last you a year. I recommend having two top shelf colognes for winter and two for summer. Alternate between the two colognes and no cologne.

I noticed the power of smell game when I purchased some Kenneth Cole Reaction ($20) from Walmart and Versace Eros ($75) from Macy’s. Chicks would come to appreciate and anticipate my fragrance. Like clockwork they would hug me tight and inhale deeply. After holding me tight for a few seconds they would lean back and tell me how good I smelled.

Pro TIp:
You WILL get compliments on how good you smell. Play it off. You smelling good is like the sky being blue. That’s just how it is sugar tits.

her: omg you smell so good! what is that?
you: Uhhh soap? maybe versace? ::walk off::

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