Tichina Loses

I was looking through Google News when I saw this on the Huffington Post:

Tichina Arnold Blasts French Montana For Instagram Post

For those of you who don’t know, Tichina Arnold played ‘Pam’ in the popular nineties sitcom Martin. SInce then, she has had moderately successful career consisting of guest roles and a few sitcoms. French Montana is a rapper who has also achieved success (read RIAA Certified Platinum) during his career.
The two ended up in The Huffington Post because Montana retweeted a picture of TIchina Arnold looking every bit of her 44 years with the caption “I wish Martin could see this right now. He would tear her ass up”. Arnold responds with a lengthy letter where she pretends not to know who Montana is, and questions his contributions to society.
Her supposed coup de grace occurs when she mentions her not for profit, the We Win Foundation, as an example of some of the value she brings to society while Montana brings nothing.

Arnold wrote the following in her letter

I have CONTRIBUTED something of VALUE on television to many people (including yourself) and many generations and hopefully more to come.

Arnold’s most well known and successful work was on Martin and Everybody Hate Chris. Two shows created and headlined by someone who isn’t Tichina Arnold. She’s a professional coat tail rider. Those shows would have been successful with or without her. I know this is true because since parting ways with Arnold, both Martin Lawrnece and Chris Rock continue to be wildly successful, while Arnold has not.
She goes on to parade her 501c3 as evidence she is some sort of asset to society. I couldn’t find a Form 990 ( compulsory publicly available financial report) for the company. This would suggest that the firm has income of less that $25,000 and not be required to file a 990. Forbes reported in addition to his holdings and record sales, Montana makes $30,000 a show. Assuming he pays taxes with some of all that money, I think a little math might show who actually contributes more to society. Nice try Tichina.
Arnold is on her way to irrelevance. While Montana is in his Prime. I can understand how Arnold would be deeply upset when she felt Montana had attacked her primary asset as an actress. That is to say he attacked her looks. It might become even more painful when she looks in the mirror and realizes her best days are behind her. The Wall spares no woman.

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