“I want you to want me”

We already know that women love attention. They love attention so much that they will accept romantic attention even if they have no romantic intentions. But, you already knew that. There is another, less discussed reason women love attention.

Your Attention is Social Currency

When you text a girl, take her on a date, attempt to day game her etc, no matter what happens, she walks away from the interaction with something of value. She can now go back to her friends and say “omg Jason just texted me, what should i say?” This is valuable because all women hate their friends and this is a backhanded way of saying “Jason is giving me attention cuz im hawt, not you.” Additionally, women know that part of their value rests in how many and what quality of suitors they can attract. Giving a girl attention increases her value. A woman who gets no attention is of low value (read: fat).

This is a universal among women. You can even apply it to the “street harassment” nonsense some women talk about. They don’t campaign against “street harassment” because this terrible thing that exists (it doesn’t). They campaign against it because its a back handed way of saying “i’m so attractive I get sexual attention from strangers”.

You are literally giving a woman a gift just by speaking to them. Act accordingly.

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