Naked and Afraid

I occasionally hear that women are just as strong as men, and their place isn’t at home blah blah blah. This show places a man and woman in a survival situations with no modern technology and blows all of that rubbish out of the water. When placing a man and woman in a forest with no assistance, I figured results would be pretty predictable. They were. The man in every couple tends to be motivator, provider, decision maker and protector. Generally the woman either assists the man or nags

There was one episode where the man got sunburned pretty bad and got dysentarry and was out of the game for the duration. Very little compassion from the female. Nag nag nag. I can only imagine what she would have said to him had cameras not been around. This was the one show of the eight I’ve seen where the man didn’t pull his and her weight.

Another episode places a female personal trainer and male firefighter in the wilderness. Both are supposedly well versed in survival skills. For all her expertise, a steady rain causes the female to curl into a ball and cry. The male has to stop getting shit done and coddle her so he can get her back in the game. With no sources of food or shelter. The woman’s brain told her to conserve her energy. And that strategy makes sense. Because had she never worked after that, her partner surely would have shared his food with her. That sort of thing happens through out the season. Men and women are different. But, you already knew that.

Watch the show. Its a good survival show. Its a good gender dynamics watch. And they’re naked.

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