Gay Wings

The feminist mainstream media occasionally calls the manosphere homophobic. Fuck that. I love gay guys for one simple reason. They make great wing men.

When a man interacts with a woman in a club or bar setting there is built in problem he has to overcome. The nature of approaching and gaming clearly situates the man as a sexual threat.


A skilled player can build comfort and get the captain to lower shields and allow him access to the shuttle bay. But, a gay guy can blast through that shit as if it were weren’t there.
Since the gay guy cares for cock and not for vajazzy, he presents to women in the club as unavailable, cocky and indifferent to their feelings, and supremely confident. You may recognize that as shit chicks love. Splash in some stereotypical gay guy fun vibes and you’ve got a bunker buster capable of opening up a set with anyone.

If you’re the confident international playboy you think you are, hardly anyone will think you’re gay. If they do fuck ’em. They can think whatever they want while you’re fist deep in some greasy beef curtains. When hanging out with a gay friend this is the type of shit that happens:
-Any girl or group he tells to sit with us always sits. No matter how hot or how many, they will come. Once they are sitting with us, they have fun because they’re surrounded by cocky funny gay guys and high value alphas.
-“Girllll, is that a nipple ring? Let me see.” Girls will proceed to pull ’em out. RIght in the club. They have the cover of, oh he’s gay so its cool.
-“Bitch you better twerk on my friend.” They comply
-“Yall hoes arn’t drinking enough, order a round.” They comply
-4 hard 9s standing at the bar shooting down guys left and right. Gay wing walks into circle. “What are you all doing? Yall came here to stand by yourself? Go talk to my friend.” They comply

Obviously, all gay guys are not suitable for this. They have to be charismatic and know how to game girls.
So that’s my contribution to tolerance today.

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