Patience in a Drought

In my blue pill days, a drought was the months that would go by when Hulk didn’t smash anything. Picture the pages of a calendar flying buy as the seasons changed. It was rough. The inevitable build up was assuaged by masturbation to the tune of 5 times a weeks. For those of you interested, my record is north of dozen self launches in one day. I’d be more specific but I would be embarrassed and you would be impressed. Now a days I hardly ever look at porn or polish the ol’ solid rocket booster (check out Your Brain on Porn).

Since that time I’ve quit the fapping AND I’ve gotten way better at getting girls. So, I have way more sexual energy, and have become accustomed to releasing it on with a pretty girl. Great right? Well, I get pretty backed up if I don’t get that release for about two weeks. Sometimes, I get lost in Zero G training and I look up and I’m in a full blown drought. Once I get into that territory I have to make conscious effort to maintain my frame.
I’ve made some observations on things that help me keep my game tight and end the drought. Here they are.

1. Identify Why
The last time I was in a drought I thought I was the victim of bad luck. I had been counting on a solid rotation of three girls begging to come over all week. Two of the girls were college girls and one was a nympho party girl who would usually hit me up Saturday night after the club. And then…disaster. College let out and two of them went home out of state for the summer and my nympho’s boyfriend got out of jail and moved in with her.
This wasn’t bad luck. I had gotten comfortable. I had stopped actively pursuing new leads. For me, three chicks is a easy to handle and fulfilling harem. But, one should always have a couple warming up in the bull pen.
Whatever the reason for your drought. Identify it, and decide how you will avoid/deal with it in the future. Moving to a new city, sickness, work, temporary acute oneitis, the clap (who hasn’t been there? Amirite?), all can be causes of a drought. Figure out yours. The bottom of line game is always self reflection and improvement.

2. Don’t Panic
My first few droughts, I got thirsty. I mean really thirsty. I knew I needed to get the monkey off my back. Women can smell neediness a mile away. Girls I’d banged many times suddenly weren’t interested. I would ping a girl and not even get a response. Going out gaming I wouldn’t get blown out but I had trouble getting an instadate or a day 2. They way I got past this was by realizing I was panicking over nothing. Who the hell would calls two weeks a drought? A gun slinging vodka drinking cosmonaut. That’s who. And Yuri Fucksaviche has no problem getting tang.

3. Lift Weights
I get the same feeling when I walk out of the gym after a hard workout or long run, that I get when I look at a hottie covered in my miniature milky way. A warm feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. There is more than way one to release that masculine energy inside of you. Sexuality, of course, is one way. I think the raw physical aggression it takes to sling a couple hundred pound dumbbells comes from the same place that causes you ravage to your woman.

Stay strong brothers. Maintain Frame and Fuck Shit Up

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