Thirst Traps

Thirst traps are set and forget shit tests. Women use them to weed out the over eager beta boys. The genius thing about them is that a woman can set a trap, and watch as the men flock to it. Men who show themselves to be too thirsty, too early, aren’t taken to the tang tent.

Examples of thirst traps:
-slutty instagram pictures
-when girls attempt to distract you by dancing near you
-late night text messages of the pinging variety
-slutty outfits
-eye contact
-tongue rings
-and many many more

You may have noticed the most fucked thing about this list. They are all things you would think are green lights to go to pound town. Thirst traps are so effective because they are the same things a girl who is DTF or at least interested would do. Women love attention. Fucking love it. Likes on social networking are like crack to them. They get a thrill out of just being looked at.

When encountering a thirst trap in the wild, ignore it. You can’t beat it. Its a lose/lose situation. Either she isn’t DTF and just wants to bask in compliments before she friend zones you OR she is DTF but you took yourself out the running by being thirsty.

Ignore girls on all social media unless you are in an interaction that is leading somehow towards sex. Nobody gets laid commenting on photos. You’re just feeding her ego, so that when you see her in person she not only thinks she’s a hard 10, she thinks ur a 0 cuz you’re constantly orbiting her.
In person, keep your cool. Ignore her sexual displays. The man who hasn’t seen tits and a tongue ring up close before is not the man she wants to bang. That doesn’t mean don’t treat her as a sexual being. Just, don’t get sucked into a sexual state too early.

That is all.


How to Know She Doesn’t Care

Once a young player gets a little game, he’s got to ask himself what he wants to get out of his relationships with women. For me, I prefer to have 3 slots on my depth chart.

A – Main Bitch – aka girlfriend. Has most of the attributes I really value in a woman

B – Side Bitch – gets the call when my gf is unavailable to or unable to give me something I want

C – Flavor of the Day – whatever girls I might slide down on at random

Slots (heh) B and C serve at my pleasure and change frequently. Slot A is, although usually vacant (where I revert to a five slot shuffle plan), a little more important, . But for the times when we might want to fill that slot, I wanted to share one of the tools I use to screen a girl when I think she might fit into Slot A.

What’s my favorite food?
Where did I grow up?
Who is my best friend?

Asking a girl basic biographical information about yourself is a quick way to gauge her interest level in you. If she’s into to you, those facts will be important to her. Thus, she will remember them. When someone cares about somebody or something, they can speak extemporaneously on it all night. When they don’t care, they won’t listen when it comes up in the first place. I’ve had girls say they loved me, wanted marriage and a baby but couldn’t answer simple questions about somebody they had talked to regularly for months. 

If you know who her favorite musical artist is and she doesn’t know yours. If you know what her parents do for a living, but all she knows is that you do something with cars. Basically, information asymmetry is a red flag that she doesn’t care about you. This test will eliminate 99% of women you think you might date seriously. Most, modern American women are self absorbed to a degree that deserves clinical attention. Moreover, they are taught to love themselves over all things, and they do a damn good job of it. 

She either didn’t bother to listen to what you said the first time, never asked, or forgot. These are the same girls who can recite the last three seasons of meaningless drama on the latest housewives show. People take care to remember what they think matters.

Typically, a woman doesn’t care about you. She cares about how you make her feel. In love, as all other dealings with the opposite sex, the male is a utility. A tool to serve the woman. If she doesn’t fail our little quiz, this doesn’t mean she cares. At least not in the way a man cares for a woman. But, it does mean she’s at least investing some effort. Which is a starting point.

Gay Wings

The feminist mainstream media occasionally calls the manosphere homophobic. Fuck that. I love gay guys for one simple reason. They make great wing men.

When a man interacts with a woman in a club or bar setting there is built in problem he has to overcome. The nature of approaching and gaming clearly situates the man as a sexual threat.


A skilled player can build comfort and get the captain to lower shields and allow him access to the shuttle bay. But, a gay guy can blast through that shit as if it were weren’t there.
Since the gay guy cares for cock and not for vajazzy, he presents to women in the club as unavailable, cocky and indifferent to their feelings, and supremely confident. You may recognize that as shit chicks love. Splash in some stereotypical gay guy fun vibes and you’ve got a bunker buster capable of opening up a set with anyone.

If you’re the confident international playboy you think you are, hardly anyone will think you’re gay. If they do fuck ’em. They can think whatever they want while you’re fist deep in some greasy beef curtains. When hanging out with a gay friend this is the type of shit that happens:
-Any girl or group he tells to sit with us always sits. No matter how hot or how many, they will come. Once they are sitting with us, they have fun because they’re surrounded by cocky funny gay guys and high value alphas.
-“Girllll, is that a nipple ring? Let me see.” Girls will proceed to pull ’em out. RIght in the club. They have the cover of, oh he’s gay so its cool.
-“Bitch you better twerk on my friend.” They comply
-“Yall hoes arn’t drinking enough, order a round.” They comply
-4 hard 9s standing at the bar shooting down guys left and right. Gay wing walks into circle. “What are you all doing? Yall came here to stand by yourself? Go talk to my friend.” They comply

Obviously, all gay guys are not suitable for this. They have to be charismatic and know how to game girls.
So that’s my contribution to tolerance today.

Thailand’s Military Junta are Feminist

Reports would indicate that a worker for the Thailand’s state run railroad raped and killed a woman. The Associated Press report I read on Yahoo pretty much said that after the rape the perpetrator confessed to the crimes and the Military Junta fired the railway chief. They article suggested that the Military Junta used the rape as an excuse to fire a political enemy.

Rape hysteria being used a politcal ploy? A Military Junta, openly opposed to human rights, using the same tactics as Feminist? I guess game recognizes game.

Patience in a Drought

In my blue pill days, a drought was the months that would go by when Hulk didn’t smash anything. Picture the pages of a calendar flying buy as the seasons changed. It was rough. The inevitable build up was assuaged by masturbation to the tune of 5 times a weeks. For those of you interested, my record is north of dozen self launches in one day. I’d be more specific but I would be embarrassed and you would be impressed. Now a days I hardly ever look at porn or polish the ol’ solid rocket booster (check out Your Brain on Porn).

Since that time I’ve quit the fapping AND I’ve gotten way better at getting girls. So, I have way more sexual energy, and have become accustomed to releasing it on with a pretty girl. Great right? Well, I get pretty backed up if I don’t get that release for about two weeks. Sometimes, I get lost in Zero G training and I look up and I’m in a full blown drought. Once I get into that territory I have to make conscious effort to maintain my frame.
I’ve made some observations on things that help me keep my game tight and end the drought. Here they are.
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Child Support is Too Damn High

The concept of minimum wage speaks to society deciding that a person needs X amount of dollars to sustain themselves. In my state its 8 USD an hour. Multiply that by 40 hours a week and 50 weeks a year we come to $16,000 a year. Not a ton of money. I lived on an $8/hr wage for about a year and a half. I lived in a small apartment in a bad neighborhood. I didn’t have much discretionary income. I had to learn how to cook. While I wasn’t able to live the life of an international playboy, my needs were met.

Why is it that if I’m a single person its fine for me to work my ass off and get 16k? But, if I’m a single parent and my babymama/daddy makes 100k its a major problem for me to get less than thousands of dollars a month while having no job. And by major problem I mean if I don’t get that money, someone is getting locked the hell up.

I used Washington State’s Quick Child Support Estimator to get these figures for a single parent with no income, two middle schoolers, and a spouse that makes minimum wage  and a spouse that makes 100k a year. Continue reading