A Strategy for Smashing LMR: The Pantie Peeler

“There is no teacher but the enemy”
-Ender’s Game

If you are a man you have been victim to a woman using the promise of sex to get you to do something. Usually, that situation ends with you doing some slave work and her not giving you the panties. In the spirit of promoting gender equality I will reveal the ancient mystical power of the covert contract. I present to you the Apollo Pantie Removal Method.
The reason women get away with accepting favors and not offering a moist reward is because they never directly say “If you help me move into my apartment I will give you a blowjay.” What they say instead is something like “Can you help me move? And then maybe we can watch a movie.” She knows he’s doing it for the sake of romance. She also knows if she tells him the truth, that its never going to happen, he might not help her move. So she lets him think what he will. Of course after the poor beta guy breaks his back moving couches for hours, and all he gets is a formal thank you and an arm only hug. Well fucking played ladies. A smart strategy that has helped women get free labor for ages.

These arrangements are called covert contracts. That is to say, one or both parties have secret expectations as to what they should get in return from the other party. Because covert contracts are never spoken and often only exist in the mind of one of the parties, they are unenforceable. I myself have spent money, time and effort doing favors for chicks only to spend the night tear-jackin in the shower. And I could never be mad at the girl because technically she never said she would do jack.

Here’s the situation: you’ve gotten a girl all the way into the bed. You have some hardcore making out going on. But, she wants to keep things above the belt. You try to get those jeans down, but no joy. Sure that’s fun for ten minutes. But you’d like to see this romance progress. One of my favorite moves in this situation is to kiss down her stomach all the way down. A few firm kisses to her mound over the jeans convey a certain intent. Then something remarkable happens. The pants come off easily if not enthusiastically.
So what’s going on here? Girls want to have sex. Simultaneously, girls don’t want to have sex. If you’re having trouble closing it means the reasons (ASD, wants you to wait, etc) are winning the hamster summer-slam in her head. Kissing her cooz through her jeans implies that you are going to do some muff diving.  That turns the question of “do you want to have sex?” to “do you want some oral?” The bar is set much lower for oral. If she’s on the fence regarding whether or not she wants to bone, more often than not, she’s down to get eaten out. Its easier to rationalize due to the fact that she gets something that pleases her with her having to put out.

Once the pants and panties are off, they’re off. You never said you were going to eat anything. So you can skip that and go right to sex. I’ve never had a girl call me out for not eating it and I have a great success rate for both being able to use this gambit to get the panties off and for being able to go from there to getting the f-close.
In a way I think the reason this works is not because its sneaky or cunning. Its because you are allowing her to stay in her plausible deniablity bubble. At every stage she can pretend she didn’t mean to have sex.
Oh we’re just making out
Oh its all above the waist
Oh I’m not having sex but I’m not gonna turn down head
Oh so he’s just going to skip that
Wow that all just happened so magically lolz!

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