Learning From Some Guys Failure

This is a video of a guy going for, and getting shut all the way down on an end of the night kiss. Be warned, its painful to watch

This chick is not on the fence. There’s probably nothing he could do during his kiss attempt that would undo everything he’s done that day. But if I were coaching him, this is what we’d work on. Here’s a list of mistakes I think this guy makes, focusing on the attempted kiss close.

-First, the obvious. Don’t take a girl you’re not juicing on a date. I’m assuming this was a typical blue pill date (read he paid for it) based on the fact that he takes her not just home, but all the way to the door. Unless he’s cool with blowing money, he should go ahead and find out if he’s gonna get played BEFORE he pays.

-Body language. If I were coaching him, I’d tell him to stand up straight, and stop rocking from side to side. His body language makes me think this would have been his first kiss ever.

-Go inside. What am I gonna do on your porch? Be bold. Explore that unknown apartment. Ask to use the bathroom. Even though its trite, it works because when you’re out drinking, people have to pee. Its life. The Geneva Convention pretty much says you can use her bathroom for anything up to and including throwing up. Once inside you have a much better chance off making it pop off since you have more privacy. No way he could have known this, but she’s not going to want to kiss on the porch in front of the camera. Which of course is not an issue inside.

-Waiting till the end of the date to kiss a girl is some movie fairy tale crap we’ve been force fed for years. In reality, guys who do well with women are usually given the option to kiss and raw dog well before any potential date is mentioned.

End of Transmission

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