Thirst Traps

Thirst traps are set and forget shit tests. Women use them to weed out the over eager beta boys. The genius thing about them is that a woman can set a trap, and watch as the men flock to it. Men who show themselves to be too thirsty, too early, aren’t taken to the tang tent.

Examples of thirst traps:
-slutty instagram pictures
-when girls attempt to distract you by dancing near you
-late night text messages of the pinging variety
-slutty outfits
-eye contact
-tongue rings
-and many many more

You may have noticed the most fucked thing about this list. They are all things you would think are green lights to go to pound town. Thirst traps are so effective because they are the same things a girl who is DTF or at least interested would do. Women love attention. Fucking love it. Likes on social networking are like crack to them. They get a thrill out of just being looked at.

When encountering a thirst trap in the wild, ignore it. You can’t beat it. Its a lose/lose situation. Either she isn’t DTF and just wants to bask in compliments before she friend zones you OR she is DTF but you took yourself out the running by being thirsty.

Ignore girls on all social media unless you are in an interaction that is leading somehow towards sex. Nobody gets laid commenting on photos. You’re just feeding her ego, so that when you see her in person she not only thinks she’s a hard 10, she thinks ur a 0 cuz you’re constantly orbiting her.
In person, keep your cool. Ignore her sexual displays. The man who hasn’t seen tits and a tongue ring up close before is not the man she wants to bang. That doesn’t mean don’t treat her as a sexual being. Just, don’t get sucked into a sexual state too early.

That is all.

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