Why Game Will Never Go Mainstream

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves”

-Harriet Tubman

The above quote captures the essence of why Game and many red pill truths will never go mainstream. When I first digested the red pill I wanted to spread this great truth to as many people as possible. Although I wasn’t knocking on doors or anything I was always ready to point out what was really going on when I encountered misandry, hypergamy etc. I expected my male friends to embrace the incontrovertible  truth just as I did.
It took maybe five times for me to realize I was wasting my breath. Normally logical men, hamsters spinning at mach 3, could not accept that women will never love them the way men love women. That is, unconditionally. Nor could they accept that gaining an understanding of how certain behaviors and attributes affect women, could lead to vastly improved sex and love lives.

The second reason game will never go mainstream is a matter of sack weight. It takes a certain amount of balls to look inside yourself, identify problems, and change. Especially after a life time of being told “just be yourself”. Even if you can do that, it takes a certain amount of man to look at a hb10 and tell her she laughs like a donkey. Of course a natural alpha might do this. But, most naturals I’ve encountered wouldn’t waste time considering how they got laid. They just don’t care.

So we have eliminated the timid, the naturals, and the brainwashed. We can also take the people not smart enough, those that even game can’t help, guys not interested in women, and those that are unexposed. That leaves a small cadre of a tang technicians. Free to discuss the inner workings of vajazzy…

More for us.

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